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Soltek Counter

The soltek counter is characterised by three essential modalities: an image capturing system, a data stocking system, and the emission of a report.

1 - The intelligent image capture

The event is read by a camera that is said to be intelligent. It is called this way because the camera is programmed in a way to discriminate events other than the ones wanted. By programming the camera, it is possible to have it only detect events that are taking place from left to right, for example ( leaving the gravel pit) and not detect the ones from right to left (entering the gravel pit). Promotek Canada uses Axis cameras which are devices that use some of today’s finest technology. The Soltek counter takes thirty pictures per second, which permits it to completely recreate the exit of the exploiter from the gravel pit.

2 - The data stocking

Once the data is collected by the camera, the Soltek saves it and records the precise date and time of the capture. The method of stocking the information is what distinguishes the different versions of the Soltek counters (See “Soltek II” and “Soltek III” below). No matter the method of stocking, Promotek Canada guarantees the conservation of data for two years.

3 - The emission of a report

The stocking of information finally permits the emission of a monthly report that is given to the customer. This report contains all the information necessary for the management of the application of law 82. There are two versions of the report available, the lighter version contains the dates and times of each entrance as well as the amounts of volume or tons for the month. The longer version of the report contains all the same information but for each entrance presents three detailed pictures that clearly indicate the exploiter for each exit.

The Soltek counter by its gathering and treatment of information allows for the production of detailed reports that prove to be a powerful tool for the management and application of law 82.